What We Do

McNeill’s Brewery is a full service drinking establishment located in downtown Brattleboro, Vermont on Elliot street in an old firehouse that is across the street from the actual firehouse.

As for the “full service” concept, what I mean is that we provide our own glasses (of course, you can buy a pint glass for yourself with my family crest on it for 2 bucks), and we’ll even pour beer into your glass for you.  We can also put our beer in a growler for you (a deal at 10 bones with refills for just 8).  So, umm, that’s pretty much what we do.  We also have some pub food that’s better than just edible.  And darts.

Holy… I totally forgot to mention that we actually make the beer.  Very important.  We also make friends and good times, occasionally some memories, too.  We really try to drink responsibly and recommend you do the same, or you may end up like this guy:

Call us if you’d like at (802) 254-2553… but it’s sometimes kinda noisy.


One Response to “What We Do”

  1. Hey Ray! Corinne and I had a great time Saturday night at the Brew Fest with you! Your beer is awesome and we definitely are going to come down to Brattleboro to see your brewery hopefully soon! We would love to help you out next year at the Brew Fest if possible! Hope all is well! With love, Colleen

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