What We Offer

MCNEILL’S OATMEAL STOUT is so black, the sun won’t shine through it.  Thick as pea soup, it has notes of chocolate, espresso coffee, toast, and black tea from the use of a blend of ten grains, 20% oats, and British hops.  5.4%abv

PULLMAN’S PORTER is a jet black porter with a nose of raisins and citrus.  It has strong notes of baker’s chocolate and espresso coffee.  Award winner at the ’95 GABF.  5.7% abv

PROFESSOR BREWHEAD’S BROWN ALE goes back to the American style.  A full brown color, it is made from domestic and German malt, with some spicy citrus notes and a touch of chocolate.  5.7% abv

MCNEILL’S EXTRA SPECIAL BITTER is a fully hopped version of the style.  Dry, with a deep nose of grapefruit, and quite bitter.  It’s red, from the blend of American and British malts, and the FIVE TIME National Champion ESB at the USBTC ’01-’05. 5.5%abv

BLOND BOMBSHELL is a “West Coast” style golden ale.  Hoppier than many “throw away” beers, it contains a generous amount of citrusy hops, German and domestic malts, and has a deep gold color.  Winner of the golden ale category at the ’94 Great American Beer Festival. 5.2%abv

DEAD HORSE INDIA PALE ALE gives a deep bow to British IPA’s.  Made entirely from British Maris Otter barley malt, it has strong notes of butter, and a deeper red color than most IPA’s. 5.7%abv

FIREHOUSE AMBER ALE is an immensely drinkable amber that has served as the McNeill’s flagship for fifteen years.  A citrus nose blends with notes of caramel and raisins to make this stand-out beer with a full red color.  5.5%abv

CHAMP ALE is a “West Coast” style pale ale.  Also somewhat citrusy,  it also has notes of concord grapes both in the flavor and the nose.  Made from a blend of British and domestic malts, it has a light red or pale rose color and very high drinkability. 5.5%abv

RUBY EXTRA AMBER ALE is a more fully blown version of the amber style.  While beefier than the Firehouse, it contains a deep “Ruby” color, a powerful nose and flavor of concord grapes, and loads of caramel. “Stunning aroma” said ALL ABOUT BEER MAGAZINE. ’06 National Champion Amber Ale at the USBTC. 5.7%abv

WARLORD IMPERIAL INDIA PALE ALE is a monster of a beer.  It’s the most heavily dry-hopped beer we’ve ever made.  The caramel and slight notes of apricot come from the generous use of domestic and British malts, and although it has a bitterness of 85 ibu’s, it is still well-balanced.  Do not operate farm machinery.  8.5%abv

Call us if you’d like at (802) 254-2553… but it’s sometimes kinda noisy.


9 Responses to “What We Offer”

  1. Juat curious what your hours are on the weekends?

  2. our group is doing a vermont tour this weekend on motorcycle. are you open on sunday?

  3. I need to order some logs, but the phone does not seem to be working. Is there another way I can contact you?

  4. Do you have a tent at the ski jump competition next weekend and can we get reserved seats to drink beer and watch the ski jumping?

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